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Founded by a combined group of electronics engineers and experienced marketing team in 2010, PEASWAY Technology Inc. has more than 20 years combined experiences in the fire safety business. We focus on Photoelectric Sensing Technology and Advanced Gas Sensing Solution to optimize reliability and reduce environmental risk through our products and services. We are always looking for better solutions and services to the world.
PEASWAY is offering one-stop manufacturing and shopping for residential and commercial fire and safety detectors. We produce our comprehensive range of fire and safety detectors from our factory and supply to the whole world for virtually any applications.
The products and services we can provide include:
Designing and manufacturing photoelectric smoke, heat, gas, Wireless RF interconnectable, CO, gas detectors and system detectors. We are developing and enhancing both commercial and residential lines of detectors. Advanced improvements are being made in our products and processes;
Development of residential & commercial early fire & gas detection solutions;
Products distribution in the whole world;
Full customer support and technical assistance;

No matter what your products and price requirements are, PEASWAY always has the right choice to satisfy your needs - whether it's a smoke, heat, or gas detector. You can select our price-competitive products or simply contact us to be your OEM/ODM manufacturer to make things at your way.


Research and Development

Talking about the fire safety, PEASWAY always carry out the innovations to satisfy the requirements of the world. We create innovative products and provide new solutions for our customers, strengthen existing business relationships and establish new ones.


PEASWAY employs experienced engineers and sales to produce and serve reliable fire safety products. Our R&D expenditures occupy up to 10% of sales as a long-term average.


By cooperating with the partners from the whole world, we've been continuously developing state-of-the-art technologies in the fire and gas detection field, and our products are becoming popular overseas year by year.

With the fire safety thinking in mind, rich R&D resources and our strict methodology, we can satisfy all your electronic, mechanical and system integration requirements effectively.