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CO detector PW-916

Product Details

Product Features:  

● JAPANESE MADE NEMOTO CO sensor with industrial grade 
● Standard quality to provide accuracy and stability 
● Using microprocessor for circuit control and gas monitoring to assure performance stability and reliability 
● Low battery warning 
● Compensation according to operating time and environmental conditions such as temperatureting 
● Durable sensor head, no need for be pre-programmed in the factory to 3 years duration to alert customers to replace with a new unit 
● Souding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85dB at 10 feet at alarm mode
● Test button to verify operation 
● Easy wall mount or free standing installation and maintenance 
● Ergonomic design of detector case works
● 5 years limited warranty for the CO-sensing unit

Technical Specifications:

1.Power: 4.5V (3*AA 1.5V Battery);
2.Standby current: 10uA;
3.Alarm currnt: 23mA;
4.Material: ABS;
5.Product size: 11.2*6.3*3.5cm;
6.Operating temperature: 0℃ to +40℃ ;
7.Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% RH(No condensing, icing)

Sensor Type


Power Source

3*AA 1.5V battery(Total 4.5V)

Standby Current


Alarm Current


Alarm Sound Level

85 decibels at 3 m


Response Times


At 50 ppm, unit must alarm within 60-90 mins
At 100 ppm, unit must alarm within 10-40 mins
At 300 ppm, unit must alarm within 3 mins


At 70 ppm, unit must alarm within 60-240 mins
At 150 ppm, unit must alarm within 10-50 mins
At 400 ppm, unit must alarm within 4-15 mins

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