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Combined smoke and heat detector PW-560SH

  • Item Num :PW-560SH
  • Shipping Port :ningbo
  • Original Region :china
  • Price: 0
Product Details

The PW-560SH Stand-alone smoke and heat detector was designed with precise Microprocessor control integrating both Rate of Riseand Fixed temperature heat detectors. It could be one of the best heat detectors available in the market. It's perfectlysuitable for installation in all environment especially in the kitchen, garage, factory etc. The PW-560 series meetEN54-5 or UL521 standards.






Product Features:

 Electronic thermistor sensing technology.
 Standard quality to provide accuracy and stability
 Uses a microprocessor for circuit control to assure performance stability and reliability
 Loud alarm signal exceeding 85 dB at 3m
Test button to verify operation
 Easy installation and maintenance.
 Hush button, to stop the alarm from sounding.
 Complying with EN54-5 and UL521 standard.
 Five-year limited warranty.  

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply

DC 9V Battery

Operating Temperature

-5 oC -+40 oC

Relative Humidity

15% -90%, no condensing 

Alarm Indication

Audible and visual alarm

Buzzer Output

>85dB at 10 feet


102mm(D) x 43mm (H)

Test Facility


Interconnection option

Up to 11 additional detectors


Meet UL521 or EN 54-5

Response Temperature:

Fixed termperature: 57°C (135°F)

Rate-of-Rise function :>6.7°C(20°F) per minute

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