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WIFI Smoke Detector PW-518B2W

  • Item Num :PW-518B2
  • Shipping Port :Ningbo
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Price: 0
Product Details

Product Description

PW-518B2 is an Optical smoke alarm. It uses an UL approved photoelectric sensor, and gives a quick response to all standard fires. With a sealed 10-year lithium battery, it can be calibrated into VDS and EN14604 Standards.

Power supply: Replaceable 3V Battery (CR123A)

Product Features

1. Photoelectric sensing technology.

2. Standard quality to provide accuracy and stability

3. Uses a microprocessor for circuit control to assure performance stability and reliability

4. Continuing self test function

5. Automatic sensor adjustment function ensures complete accuracy

6. Loud alarm signal exceeding 85 dB at 3m

7. Large test button, easy to verify operation

8. Hush button, to silence the alarm.

9. Low battery warning

10. Complying with EN14604 and VDS standard.

11. Easy installation and maintenance.

12. 5 year Guarantee

13. 10-year Long-life lithium battery.


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