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Smoke Detector with Hush PW-509SQ

  • Item Num :PW-509SQ
  • Shipping Port :Ningbo
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Price: 0
Product Details


Product Features:

1. Photoelectric sensing technology;
2. Test button-to verify unit's electronic circuitry, horn and battery;
3. Audible and visible alarm-Loud 85dB(3m) with Red LED flashing;
4. Low battery warning-Smoke detector will chirp when the battery is low;
5. Tamper resist-Helps deter alarm tampering or theft;

Technical Specifications:

1) Material: ABS plastic
2) Assembly no wiring, size: Dia.102xH35mm
3) Power supply:9V carbon zinc battery/PP3(battery included)
4) Standby current: 8μA, Alarm current: 16mA
5) Environment temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C
6) Environment humidity: 0 to 95%(40±2°C) 
7) Alarm decibel: louder than 85dB at 10feet(3 meters)
8) Tamper Resist locking pin
9) Test button:To verify the proper functioning of the detector
10) Low voltage warning: Unit beeps every 40 seconds for 30 days (minimum) to indicate a need of battery replacement 
11) CE, ROHS
12) 5 years quality guarantee      


Installation reference:


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