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Magnetic Mounting Kit for Smoke Detectors

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Step 1: Mark a spot on the ceiling where you wish to install the smoke detector. We advise that you follow the smoke detector instructions when choosing this site. Keep in mind that we use a specially formulated glue that, once fixed, does not allow for easy removal. Make sure that the ceiling is clean, dry and free from loose particles. Do not clean the ceiling area with soap or other cleaning materials that may contain soap. When cleaning the chosen area use only alcohol. Remove the plastic film from the Ceiling-Element and attach it to the chosen spot on the ceiling.

Step 2: Install the batteries in the smoke detector and test it to make sure it works. Remove the plastic film from the Base-Element and attach it to the base of the smoke detector. Press the Base-Element firmly against the base of the smoke detector for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Make sure the smoke detector is properly assembled.  Affix it to the ceiling























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